DHMI is a non - profit organization, registered as a charity in France and in certain African countries. As ordained ministers, my wife and I aim to teach the Word of God in a clear and simple way so that people can understand God’s great and wonderful love towards us. This Message is the Gospel of grace (Acts 20:24), which is the Gospel that the Apostle Paul taught. We do NOT mix the true Gospel with man’s traditions as was the case in the Galatian church (Gal. 1:6 -10).

We teach on CD and through binders in the network of an international correspondence Bible schools using national administrators, as well as through conferences and in our own house church in France. We train disciples (Mat. 28:19 amp.) who are then able to heal the sick and cast out demons. There is no hype. This is what we do.

The joy of seeing people set free from sickness and generational curses is beyond words. But to see those we train do this work also is just wonderful. Therefore we seek faithful men and women to pass on the message of God’s grace and how we can benefit from it by believing the Message by faith. (2 Tim. 2:2)

For more details on exactly how we minister please consult our Standard Practice and Procedure (SPP) document, available online by request.

Every 3 months we publish a quarterly newsletter which is downloadable from our site. And of course there are the monthly teaching articles and video blogs, which are essential spiritual food and free to air worldwide. The articles are available in several languages, just click your nation’s flag on the home page.

We also teach on health topics, so we can do our part in living our life to the full. Several e books are for sale on site.

Finally and most importantly we teach on how to have eternal life which is to know our heavenly Father (John 17:3). This is specifically the mission of my wife Rev Véronique.

Together we present a balanced and challenging message of truth that will set you free and delight you by knowing Him the source of Life.

Rev. David Holland